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Red Alerts - Scams

Red alerts-scams


A scam is a type of fraud that criminals use to trick you into giving them money and personal details. Sometimes criminals will use the names of law firms/ solicitors.


We were made aware that emails have been sent to the Home Office, falsely claiming to be from 'Martin Knight” of Polpitiya & Co Solicitors. We have  been informed that the emails claim to be from 'Martin Knight” and provide an email address of '”.  The emails also misuse the genuine address, telephone number and fax number  of our firm.

Any business or transaction through '' are not undertaken by Polpitiya & Co Solicitors.

Ou firm’s genuine email addresses end with the domain name  ''.

 If the email id from which an email came from does not end with, then this is not a genuine email from Polpitiya & Co Solicitors. It will be a phishing email.


You are strongly advised to not open any attachments or links contained therein and to delete such emails received.


If you have been contacted by an individual or a company you believe is fraudulently linking themselves and/ or using Polpitiya & Co details; please report the matter  to our firm by email  or by telephone 020 8813 9282

Polpitiya & Co is authorised and regulated by the SRA.

You can also view the full notification reports on matters relating to Polpitiya & Co and other companies and/or individuals scams or fraud at the SRA Red Alert page at:

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