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Personal Injury claims

If you have been injured in an accident in the past 3 years that was someone else’s fault, call us to make your claim for compensation. We specialise in:

  • Road traffic accidents

  • Pedestrians injured in motor accidents

  • Passengers injured in motor accidents and public transport accidents

  • Industrial accidents and injuries

  • Pavement trippings

  • Fatal accidents


We will work hard to recover compensation for you injuries and for all your past and future losses. If you seriously injured and need care and support in the long run, we can make sure that all medical costs and care costs are paid by the third party insurers. If a family member has been fatally injured in such accident we may be able to recoup compensation for the dependants and family members.

What we can recover for you:

  • Compensation for your injuries

  • Medical or other expenses as a result of your injuries

  • Loss of past and future earnings if you have been unable to work due to the injuries

  • Cost of medical treatment

  • Cost of specialist rehabilitation

  • Cost of car hire while your car is being repaired

  • Cost of replacement car if your car is damaged beyond repair

  • Cost of adapting your home and/or car, if you have suffered a permanent disability

  • Your legal expenses

  • Compensations for loved ones of victims of fatal accidents


We pursue your claim under a no-win-no-fee agreement. Call us for a free consultation of an assessment of your claim.

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