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Fees & Funding

We will advise you as early as possible of the likely costs in your case, and methods of funding.
Usual methods of funding include:

  • Private fees

  • Legal aid, subject to merits and financial circumstances

  • Third-party funding

  • Litigation insurance

  • Conditional fee agreement (no-win-no-fee)

We always seek to keep you informed of our fees and to work within an agreed budget. We are based in outer London, with easy access to Central London. We provide a high quality service for competitive rates.

Fixed fee or hourly rate
We have a comprehensive fee structure for a wide range of legal issues.

Whenever possible we seek to agree a fixed fee. This is often a preferred method of payment, which enables our clients to manage their budget. In cases where complex issues are involved or where protracted litigation is involved it is difficult to estimate our fees. In such cases we apply hourly rates. The hourly rates depend on the type of case. We will advise you of our fees on a continuing basis. Please note that, in addition to our fees, you will be required to pay disbursements, court fees, expert fees and counsel’s fees if they are applicable to your case.

You will be advised of the best option suitable for your particular circumstances. If you have a limited budget, we can agree to carry out only limited or essential work for a fixed fee so that you will be able to manage the issue without engaging a legal team throughout the dispute or proceedings.

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