Claims Against Public Authorities

Being arrested or detained wrongly could have serious consequences on your finances, family life and employment. You may however be entitled to compensation, in the event that you have been wrongly arrested or detained. We are also able to assist you in getting non-financial remedies. Our experienced expert solicitors are able to assist you in getting compensation in the following scenarios:

  • Wrongful arrest

  • False imprisonment

  • Malicious prosecution

  • Assault

  • Trespass to property

  • Breach of Human Rights

  • Financial losses


Our advice and assistance is not limited to claiming compensation for wrongful arrest or detention. You may be concerned that your CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check contains inaccurate information. This could damage your reputation, or lead to refusal or termination of employment. We are able to assist you in correcting the records. You may be concerned that you are being stopped and searched a disproportionate number of times. We may be able to assist in reaching a satisfactory resolution. You may have been detained by the Home Office, when they have no power to do so. We are able to assist you in securing your release, and obtaining compensation. Majority of our actions against the Police and other government agencies are funding by Legal Aid Agency. We also carry out such claim for private paying clients.