Community Care

Local Authorities, the NHS and other Public Services have a duty to ascertain that vulnerable persons receive an adequate service. Social Services and other relevant government agencies are required by law to assess needs of vulnerable persons, whether they are adults with disability or children in need of assistance, and make provisions according to their particular circumstances.

These provisions may be in one or more of the following forms. This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Support for those who have mental and physical disabilities

  • Adaptations to your home, if your disabilities make it difficult to get around the house

  • Financial provisions, accommodation and other support for those who are destitute

  • Care for unaccompanied children

  • Accommodation for children leaving care

  • Support for parents with disabled children


Our experienced caseworkers will identify your particular needs, and refer you to the relevant agencies for assistance. We would advise and guide you through the application process. We would obtain necessary evidence, including medical evidence, to support your application. We will pursue your application to the local authority, in order that you will receive adequate services. In the event that the relevant agencies unlawfully decide not to provide adequate services, we will challenge their decision by instigating legal proceedings through the courts.

If you have a severe disability or an illness, as a result of which you are not able to attend our office to speak to a caseworker, our caseworkers will travel to your home, hospital or hospice, within a reasonable distance, to discuss your concerns.

Legal Aid is available for our assistance, subject your financial circumstances. If you are not entitled to legal aid, we are able to advise and assist for an agreed fee.